While it may be tempting to roll along your cervical spine, MyT-Roller does not suggest you target that area directly without being instructed to do so by your physical therapist and should be done isometrically, without movement, and in neutral spine position.

Many of the stresses and strains that negatively effect our cervical spine are directly related to dysfunction caused by incorrect or restricted movement patterns located in the chest (pectorals), and below the armpit (lats).  

Try a simple, seated side rotation test, looking over your shoulder in each direction, to feel where your baseline range of motion(ROM) is before rolling out your pecs and lats. Then after rolling the specified areas, repeat the ROM test to see if it was beneficial to your range of motion. Any rolling session should start and end with a small test of function to see if the areas work targeted were effective.


- Triggerpoint Release

- Increased Neck ROM

- Pain Desensitization